The Commander-in-Chief of the National Guard Troops of the Russian Federation, Army General Viktor Zolotov, presented state awards to the Rosguardsmen who distinguished themselves during the special military operation.

In his speech during the ceremony, Army General Viktor Zolotov noted that the National Guard Troops are taking an active part in the implementation of a set of measures for the post-conflict settlement in the liberated territories, including ensuring the security of the fateful referendums on accession to Russia.

The Director of the National Guard drew the attention of those present to the symbolism of the ceremony honoring the valiant warriors - participants of the special military operation in the historical walls of the Winter Palace, where more than two hundred years ago a state decision to create the Internal Guard Troops was made.

In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation, Major General Pavel Indyk, First Deputy Commander of the Central District of the Russian National Guard Troops, was awarded the title of the Hero of the Russian Federation for courage, bravery and selflessness shown in the performance of military and official duty.

During the special military operation, the servicemen and employees of the National Guard under his leadership crossed the river in a sudden rush at night and quickly captured the bridgehead. Over the next day, they repelled the counterattacks of the nationalists. The Rosguardsmen took the main blow of the enemy on themselves in order to divert attention, ensure the safety of the crossing and the deployment of the main forces.

During the subsequent assault oа the settlement, the National Guard servicemen destroyed enemy units, captured the leaders of nationalist formations, and seized important documents.

The title of the Hero of Russia was awarded to the First Deputy Head of the Main Directorate for the Special Purpose Police Units of the Russian Guard, Major General of the Police Sergey Burakov. He served in various positions in the Special Forces units.

Since February 24, 2022 he led the combined units of the Special Forces of the Russian National Guard as part of a group of Troops (Forces). The Special Forces units under his leadership completed a number of the most difficult service and combat tasks, as a result many lives of the Russian military personnel and employees of Rosguard were saved, hundreds of civilians, including women and children, were evacuated from nationalists’ fire.

Thanks to the skillful command of Major General Sergey Burakov, important infrastructure facilities were taken under control, the command posts of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were captured, along with high-ranking officials who possessed valuable information.

The Director of Rosguard presented the Gold Star medal to the commander of the Special Forces group of the Rosguard Special Purpose Center, Major Alexei M. He served in various positions of the military Special Forces. In a firefight with superior enemy forces, he skillfully led the unit, as a result more than fifty nationalists, three mortar crews, two command and staff vehicles and an enemy communications center were destroyed. Acting skillfully and decisively, Major Alexei M. personally destroyed the enemy's machine-gun crew and five militants. Rendered first aid and carried two subordinates out of heavy fire, organized the evacuation of wounded soldiers. Thanks to his selfless and professional actions, the settlement was taken under control, which made it possible to develop success in an important area.

The Order "For Merit to the Fatherland" III degree with swords was awarded to the First Deputy Commander of the North Caucasian District of Rosguard, Lieutenant General Alibek Delimkhanov.

Also, military personnel and employees of the North-Western District of the Russian National Guard were awarded state awards. So, the Order of Courage was awarded to the employee of the Special Purpose Mobile Unit (OMON) of Rosguard, Senior Police Sergeant Alexei M., the medal of the Order " Merit to the Fatherland" I degree to the officer of the OMON, Police Major Vladimir M., the medal "For Courage" - Police Lieutenant Vitaly E., the medal of Zhukov to the servicemen of the Special Forces detachment of the National Guard warrant officer Sergei Kh. and sniper corporal Evgeny V.

Army General Viktor Zolotov expressed gratitude to the servicemen and employees who had recently returned from the combat zone, and in their person thanked all the personnel who defended the country for their selfless devotion to the Motherland and military duty.

Concluding his speech, the head of the department stressed that the invaluable experience acquired today by the National Guard Troops is fully taken into account in the implementation of measures to improve service and combat activities and increase the level of combat readiness.

During the special military operation, the Rosguardsmen carried out combat missions to prevent attacks on military and humanitarian convoys, and also inflicted significant damage to the enemy personnel and military hardware, and detained members of the nationalist armed formations.

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