On December 29, in Moscow, the Director of the National Guard Troops Federal Service of the Russian Federation – Commander-in-Chief of the National Guard Troops of the Russian Federation Army General Viktor Zolotov congratulated the personnel on the upcoming holidays and presented state awards to the distinguished servicemen and employees.

Addressing those present, Army General Viktor Zolotov noted that the outgoing year has become a real test of strength for our entire country, proving the unity of the people and the Armed Forces, the superiority of true human values over the alien ideology of lack of spirituality, permissiveness and lies.

The Director of the Rosguard drew attention to the fact that it is no coincidence that the word of 2022 according to the State Institute of the Russian Language named after Alexander Pushkin, the word “heritage” was chosen, since a radical change in the military-political situation was an adequate response to the need for the heirs to preserve our history, original culture, religion, and, ultimately, the preservation of our Motherland.

The Commander-in-Chief emphasized that the Russian National Guard Troops fulfilled all the tasks set by the country's leadership with the honor and at a high professional level. Army General Viktor Zolotov expressed his gratitude to all generals and officers, warrant officers and soldiers, civilian personnel of the Troops for their steadfastness and devotion to the military service.

The head of the Rosguard expressed special gratitude to the National Guardsmen, who all this time have directly carried out and continue to implement combat missions on the front line. Their courage and bravery are worthy of admiration and are forever inscribed in the heroic chronicle of the military feat of our country.

Eight combat officers were awarded the highest title of Hero of Russia. Almost twenty thousand participants of the special military operation were awarded state and departmental awards.

Unfortunately, the outgoing year will also be remembered for the irretrievable losses that the Troops suffered in the battles with neo-Nazis.

In memory of the departed comrades, the Director of the Rosguard announced a minute of silence.

In his further speech, the head of the Rosguard added that all the structures interacting with the Russian National Guard noted the consistent quality and effectiveness of the combat work of the department's units. The Commander-in-Chief emphasized that in the year of 2023 it is necessary to increase the existing potential by concentrating efforts on the implementation of the priority areas outlined by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief.

“Continuing to carry out tasks within the framework of the special military operation, it is important to ensure the stability of the operational situation in all regions of the country, with an emphasis on new territories and regions bordering them. We will carry out measures to form command and control bodies and military units in the new Russian subjects, taking into account the decisions already taken by the President on the regular strengthening of the troops," the head of the Rosguard said.

He also outlined the improvement of the personnel training system based on the practical experience gained in the course of the special military operation as the most important direction.

The Director of the Rosguard noted that the issues of manning and resource support of our units should be under special control as key indicators of their combat readiness.

Army General Viktor Zolotov stressed that the closest attention should be paid to the issues of social support for personnel and their families.

Speaking about the legacy, the Commander-in-Chief recalled that the next year will be full of important memorable dates in the history of the Troops, including the 105th anniversary of the birth of Army General Ivan Yakovlev, the days of the formation of the North-West (105 years) and the North Caucasian (30 years old) districts, the Main Clinical (75 years old) and the 2nd Military (30 years old) hospitals, the Academic Song and Dance Ensemble (50 years old).

The next year will be anniversary for the majority of the Special Purpose Mobile Units (OMON) and Special Rapid Response Units (SOBR), sanatoriums, aviation and naval military units of the Rosguard. The Law Enforcement Troops Veterans Public Organization will also celebrate its 15th anniversary in 2023.

Army General Viktor Zolotov separately thanked the Chairman of the Veterans Council Petr Rovensky and his colleagues in the veterans' movement for their help and support in this difficult time.

“I am convinced that the potential of the Rosguard will allow us to fulfill all the plans, and their result will have a positive impact on improving the overall level of national security,” the director of the Russian Guard said.

He thanked all the personnel of the Central Command for their service and skillful leadership of the Troops, conveyed congratulations on the upcoming holidays to the personnel of the units on the front line and performing daily combat missions.

Army General Viktor Zolotov presented distinguished servicemen and employees with the Order of Courage, medals of the Order of Merit for the Fatherland, II degree with swords, medals For Courage, Zhukov's medal, and Nesterov's medal. The National Guardsmen were awarded state awards, including for the successful completion of the service and combat tasks during the special military operation

The medal of Luka Krymsky was awarded to the paramedic of the Russian National Guard, Warrant Officer Raida Gadzhiyeva, who saved the lives of a woman and a baby.

In June 2022, Warrant Officer Raida Gadzhieva, along with other servicemen of the Central District of the Russian Guard, accompanied a team of recruits enlisted in military service from Krasnoyarsk to Moscow. At night, one of the passengers went into premature labor. The conductor, knowing that a military medic was traveling in the next car, turned to her for help.

The paramedic of the Rosguard, without a second's delay, took the available medical supplies with her and hurried to the woman in labor. As a result, the birth was successful, a boy was born.

At the end of the solemn event, the Director of the Russian Guard shared his impressions of visiting the Division named after Felix Dzerzhinsky, where the “Vityaz” Special Purpose Center celebrates its 45th anniversary today. Army General Viktor Zolotov drew attention to the emblem of the “Vityaz” Center - a hand clutching the Kalashnikov assault rifle, which today is a symbol of hope for civilians.

“They know that they are protected by the real Russian knights who will not retreat and will carry out any assigned task. Proof of this was what I saw in the Rosguard Main Military Clinical Hospital, where I visited guys who are being treated. I was impressed with their spirit.

We will do everything for their treatment and for them to have the best prostheses. They all want to come back to the service. That is why people note the spirituality and courage of the Rosguardsmen! Because the real Russian knights serve here," Army General Viktor Zolotov said.

The head of the Rosguard addressed the words of sincere respect and gratitude to the families and relatives of the military personnel and employees for their support, patience and faith, wished them optimism, happiness, health, peace, prosperity in the New Year, the rapid end to the special military operation and, of course, our Victory.

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