During the special military operation in Ukraine, a unit of the Russian National Guard was ambushed by Ukrainian nationalists during movement to the area of a combat mission. An armored personnel carrier (APC), with Rosguard personnel was hit by a grenade launcher, some of the servicemen were injured, and the APC caught fire. Despite the concussion received, the unit commanding officer organized evacuation of the personnel and crew and continued to command the repulse of the attack. After suppression of several enemy firing points, he organized the regrouping of his unit and provided first aid to the wounded. A noteworthy fact: during the battle, the officer, under fire from the nationalists, returned to the burning combat vehicle for his maroon beret, which was left there during the evacuation. Climbing into a wrecked APC, he found and preserved the symbol of valor and honor of the Russian National Guard Special Forces. Thanks to the brave and decisive actions of the Rosguard officer, it was possible to repel the enemy attack, withdraw about 100 people and a large number of military equipment from under the fire, and provide medical aid to the wounded, as well as evacuate them to a safe place.

The officer of the Rosguard Special Forces Police unit, commanding a Special Forces group during the combat mission of forcing the river, organized an assault on a strategically important bridgehead. In the course of the battle, having called upon himself the fire of the main enemy forces, he detected the enemy fire points in this sector of defense and provided the opportunity for neighboring units to advance in the main direction of the offensive. Despite the continuous enemy fire, he corrected the artillery strikes, which made it possible to destroy a group of nationalists and weapons arsenal.

A Russian National Guard Warrant Officer during the assault on objects occupied by nationalist groups, under continuous enemy fire, was the first to move to the other side of the river and, covering the movement of the unit’s personnel, ensured the possibility of capturing the bridgehead. Seriously wounded, sacrificing himself and remaining faithful to the military duty, he held the position.

The Rosguard Senior Sergeant  and Corporals held a tactically important line under incessant enemy fire for 24 hours. During a fierce battle, they suppressed firing points of the militants and repelled the enemy attacks. Thanks to the courage and resilience of the fighters, the Russian National Guard assault unit took the bridgehead and liberated the territory from nationalist formations.

The officer of the Russian National Guard Troops commanded a unit on the march. Suddenly, the soldiers came under fire from the nationalists. From the first seconds of the battle, the Rosguard Special Forces officer confidently led the actions of his subordinates and organized the defense of the military column. Even after being wounded, he continued to command the unit, acted bravely and decisively in the battle, which made it possible to repel the attack of superior enemy forces. By the decree of the President of the Russian Federation for courage and heroism shown in the performance of military duty the officer was awarded the medal of the Order of "Merit for the Fatherland", II degree with swords.

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