On one of the days of the special military operation of the Russian Troops in Ukraine, a Rosguard Special Purpose Unit under the command of a Police officer destroyed an enemy spotter and disrupted the mortar shelling of the unit positions, and soon the assault groups of the Special Forces of the Russian Guard liquidated a sabotage and reconnaissance group of Ukrainian nationalists moving by car.

In one of the liberated settlements of Ukraine, employees of the Rosguard under command of the above mentioned officer, found a 12-year-old girl with two bullet wounds. The Rosguard employees immediately provided her with first aid and facilitated her evacuation to the hospital.

When carrying out service and combat tasks, the Rosguard officers and employees despite the danger, conduct heavy firefights with superior enemy forces and destroy nationalists.

The Russian National Guard Special Forces Senior Warrant Officer acting as part of a reconnaissance and search group, was the first to discover enemy saboteurs who were trying to set up an ambush. He warned his comrades and opened fire on the nationalists. Having received a serious wound, the Warrant Officer overcoming pain, fought the enemy to the end. During the battle, the nationalists suffered serious losses and retreated. Thanks to the courage and heroism of the Russian National Guard serviceman, who remained faithful to his military duty and oath, the unit completed all the assigned tasks.

When crossing the river in difficult conditions of a night battle, a military doctor and a paramedic of the Russian National Guard Special Forces Unit provided first aid to the wounded servicemen under intense mortar fire. Rescuing their comrades, they also participated in repelling the attack, carried out a stubborn defense of the occupied positions all night long and suppressed the enemy's firing points.

During the battle an armored personnel carrier (APC) of a Russian National Guard Special Forces officer was hit by an enemy tank. The officer of was wounded, but did not withdraw from the battle and continued to command his subordinates. Thanks to his competent and selfless actions, the unit completed its combat mission. By the decree of the President of the Russian Federation for courage and heroism shown in the line of duty, he was awarded the Order of Courage.

During the special military operation in Ukraine, a unit of the Russian National Guard Troops moved to the area of combat mission. A Senior Warrant Officer was a part of the unit. On the march, the column came under artillery fire of Ukrainian nationalists. On command of the senior officer, he left the combat vehicle, took up an advantageous position and returned fire on the approaching enemy sabotage and reconnaissance group. During the battle, the Senior Warrant Officer showed personal courage, destroyed one militant, wounded the second. Despite the gunshot wound, the Rosguard serviceman completed the assigned combat task. As a result of the competent and decisive actions of the Senior Warrant Officer, the attack of the nationalists was repelled. The enemy retreated, having suffered significant losses. By the decree of the President of the Russian Federation, for selflessness, courage and bravery he was awarded the medal "For Courage".

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