The Director of the National Guard Troops Federal Service of the Russian Federation – Commander-in-Chief of the National Guard Troops of the Russian Federation Army General Viktor Zolotov visited the city of Sochi. As part of his working trip, the head of the Rosguard took part in the opening ceremony in the urban-type settlement of Krasnaya Polyana of a new temporary deployment point for the military personnel and employees of the Russian National Guard involved in ensuring public order and security during mass events.

The opening ceremony of the facility was also attended by the heads of regional divisions of the law enforcement agencies, a number of construction organizations, and personnel of the Rosguard units.

Addressing those present, Army General Viktor Zolotov noted that the National Guard Troops occupy a special place in the national security system. They equally confidently and reliably carry out the assigned combat missions in the most critical areas of the special military operation and ensure the protection of law and order in all regions of our country on a daily basis.

"Of course, the effectiveness of the implementation of these tasks not least depends on the conditions created for our personnel deployment and service. Over the ten months of this year, 76 military and special facilities have already been put into operation in the Krasnodar Region. In total, by the end of the year, the National Guard Troops units will receive more than 200 completed facilities, of which over 50 are being built in the interests of the Southern District of the Rosguard. The year of 2023 should also be productive, with 14 property complexes planned to be put into operation.

The development of the Rosguard infrastructure is carried out with regard to the regional peculiarities that determine the number and specifics of the tasks performed by our units. This fully applies to the resort city of Sochi and the federal territory "Sirius", which have become major centers for holding socio-political, educational, cultural and sports events, which necessitated the implementation of a number of projects for the construction and modernization of the objects of the Sochi garrison of the Russian National Guard, "- noted the head of the Rosguard.

To date, the city of Sochi has become a venue for a large number of events. Only last year, the employees and servicemen of the Russian National Guard ensured law and order, and safety for more than 500 events held at various sites of the city.

In addition, as part of a working trip, the Director of the Rosguard presented state and departmental awards to the employees and servicemen who distinguished themselves during the special military operation. The representatives of the organizations that took an active part in the construction of the facility were also awarded.

The new temporary deployment point was built in one year. The total area of the territory is 7 hectares. All conditions for living, training, rest and service have been created for the Rosguard employees and military personnel.

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