The Director of the National Guard Troops Federal Service of the Russian Federation – Commander-in-Chief of the National Guard Troops of the Russian Federation Army General Viktor Zolotov presented prizes and congratulated the winners of the "Vityaz-Contact" XXII Military Applied Martial Arts Tournament in the memory of the Hero of Russia Captain Ivan Shelokhvostov, which took place at the Separate Operational Division named after Felix. E. Dzerzhinsky of the Russian National Guard Troops (ODON).

Army General Viktor Zolotov greeted the participants and guests of the tournament, which is traditionally held on the eve of the anniversary celebration of the famous 604th Order of Kutuzov Red Banner Special Purpose Center named "Vityaz", which is celebrating its 45th foundation anniversary this year.

In his address, the Director of the Rosguard emphasized the practical importance of the tournament for improving the quality of professional training of the National Guard Troops personnel. He expressed gratitude to all participants for the real fighting spirit, the will to win and fair competition.

“Despite the distribution of places in the final protocol of the competition, I consider each of you a winner who showed a worthy result and once again proved the highest level of the Rosguard Special Forces training,” added Army General Viktor Zolotov.

More than 80 servicemen in 8 weight categories took part in the competition. The "Vityaz-Contact" military-applied martial art was developed for the Russian National Guard Special Forces personnel and takes into account the specifics of their service and combat employment. The founder of this martial art is the deputy head of the ODON for the physical training Major Maxim Ramazanov. All fights are full contact with the minimum restrictions and high combat density. The winner determination is based on the results of three rounds – a fight with the Kalashnikov assault rifle, with knives and without small arms. To prevent injury, the competitors fight in the protective equipment designed specifically for each round.

Heroes of the Russian Federation Sergey Lysyuk and Sergey Yushkov, the master of martial arts and famous movie actor Steven Seagal, the World Boxing champion Denis Lebedev, the parents of Ivan Shelokhvostov, as well as families and relatives of the Heroes of Russia killed in action in the zone of the special military operation, also took part in the award ceremony.

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