The Director of Rosguard, Army General Viktor Zolotov, visited the units of the National Guard Troops Federal Service of the Russian Federation in the Kherson region.

From the first days of the special military operation, the servicemen and employees of the Russian National Guard have been performing a wide range of service and combat tasks. In addition to direct participation in combat actions, the Rosguard servicemen and employees are establishing peaceful life in the liberated territory. Every day they carry out activities to detect caches with weapons and ammunition, ensure the security of important infrastructure and transport communications, serve at checkpoints, inspect vehicles for the presence of weapons and explosives, maintain public order, identify and suppress the activities of sabotage groups.

The head of Rosguard got acquainted with the situation in the region, checked the organization of service and combat activities, assessed the living conditions of the employees and servicemen of the National Guard, talked with the personnel, paying special attention to the providing the National Guard with modern weapons. Viktor Zolotov was also shown captured military equipment and weapons. Mostly everything seized during the special military operation is of foreign production.

During the visit, the Director of the Roguard presented state awards to the National Guard Troops personnel who distinguished themselves during the special military operation. Among the high awards are the Order of Alexander Nevsky, the Order of Courage, the Order of Military Merit, the medal of the Order of “Merit for the Fatherland”, the medal “For Life Saving”. Also, Viktor Zolotov presented the shoulder straps of "Colonel General" rank to the Commander of the Southern District of the Russian National Guard Troops.

In addition to performing service and combat tasks, the employees and servicemen of the Russian National Guard Troops provide assistance to the local population. In particular, as the Director of Rosguard noted, they assist citizens in establishing a peaceful life, help with food and medicine, secure and escort convoys with humanitarian supplies, and ensure the protection of public order. “In the liberated settlements, we feel the support of the local population, which, of course, contributes to the fulfillment of tasks by the employees and military personnel of the Russian Guard Troops,” Viktor Zolotov emphasized.

As part of the activities dedicated to the Day of Memory and Sorrow, the employees and servicemen of the Russian National Guard Troops honored the memory of those who died during the Great Patriotic War and laid flowers at the Eternal Flame, which was restored in Kherson on May 9 this year with the assistance of the Rosguard personnel.

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