The Director of the Rosguard, Army General Viktor Zolotov, visited the regional directorate in the Tula region and met with the governor of the region, the Hero of Russia Alexey Dyumin.

Viktor Zolotov and Aleksey Dyumin solemnly handed over to the Special Forces units of the Tula Directorate 18 units of automotive and special equipment, as well as weapons and special equipment designed to perform service and combat tasks, including in the zone of the special military operation.

The vehicle fleet of the Special Forces units was replenished with “Ural” cars, pickup trucks and snow and swamp vehicles with trailers. In addition, the personnel were given the special equipment designed to effectively combat quadcopters.

During a meeting with the personnel of the Special Forces units, Army General Viktor Zolotov thanked the personnel for their combat skills, dedication and unbending spirit, and also presented state and departmental awards to distinguished servicemen and employees.

“The Rosguard troops at a high professional level carry out their tasks in the course of the special military operation. And I would like to express gratitude to all personnel of the troops for the courage and dedication they show in the most critical sectors of the theater of operations. These words equally apply to the soldiers and officers of the units of the Tula garrison of the National Guard troops, who make a worthy contribution to the achievement of the tasks from the first day of the special military operation, having completed about 600 combat missions to date,” said Army General Viktor Zolotov.

The head of the Rosguard noted that during duty trips, the Rosguardsmen of the Tula region identified and detained 55 persons suspected of committing crimes, seized almost 15 000 pieces of weapons and ammunition, demined a large number of civilian infrastructure facilities, and organized escort for more than 20 humanitarian convoys.

The Tula units of the Russian National Guard perform tasks no less effectively in their region, ensuring public order and the safety of citizens. Every day, reliable protection is provided for 8,5 thousand objects of various forms of ownership, state control is exercised over the activities of more than 120 private security organizations, as well as 30 thousand weapon owners.

“Undoubtedly, the well-coordinated work of the troops to maintain regional security is the key to the uninterrupted work of the rear in the interests of the front, which is very important for the Tula region, where the most important enterprises of the military-industrial complex are concentrated, which also produce products for the National Guard,” said the Сommander-in-Сhief.

Army General Viktor Zolotov expressed gratitude to the staff of the administration and municipalities of the Tula region and personally to the governor for their care and contribution to strengthening the combat capability of the troops in the region.

The Commander-in-Chief emphasized the symbolism of today's meeting, which is taking place on the Day of the start of the Soviet counter-offensive in the Battle of Moscow.

“Of course, current events evoke many historical parallels with the Great Patriotic War. The special military operation united the entire Russian society as much as possible. I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to all caring citizens of our country for their help and support during this difficult time. And, of course, we all note that the current generation of defenders of the Fatherland, worthy of the memory of our heroic ancestors, is also fearlessly and courageously fulfilling their military duty,” said Army General Viktor Zolotov.

The head of the Tula region, Alexei Dyumin, thanked the Rosguardsmen for the selfless performance of service and combat tasks both in the region and in the special military operation zone. The governor handed over to the personnel certificates and keys for automotive and special hardware, as well as special equipment.

“From the very beginning of the special military operation, shoulder to shoulder with the Armed Forces, you have been carrying out the most important service and combat tasks. Show professionalism, determination, courage and heroism. The Tula Region and the whole of Russia are proud of you,” Alexey Dyumin addressed the Rosguardsmen.

During the event, the head of the National Guard and the governor inspected new equipment and weapons, got acquainted with the living conditions of the National Guard personnel, and laid flowers at the memorial to the servicemen and employees of the Rosguard who died in the line of service and military duty.

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